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America was built on the idea that anyone can do anything and be anything they want. As a progressive representative, I will fight to make sure a person’s rights and access to government programs and services are never limited by:

Why Curtis?

Through my work in disability supports and coordinating a statewide student volunteer organization, I have strived to make sure that I can work with and find consensus amongst people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities. Serving people who need help is what I love to do most, and the chance to do this on the federal level is easily one of the exciting prospects of my life. As a working class citizen, rather than a career politician, I am running to ensure that the perspectives of the everyday resident of the 4th Congressional District are brought into the political discourse in Washington, DC.

If elected, I will work tirelessly to defend the rights of women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ persons, racial minorities, and disabled persons. I understand the importance of protecting and supporting our most vulnerable populations, and will not tolerate threats to the welfare and security of people that many representatives rarely think about. I promise to work with the new coalition of young Democratic leaders to advance a progressive agenda in the House of Representative and ensure that every American has access to healthcare, education, housing, and the supports they need to live a safe and secure life.

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North Carolina's 4th Congressional District

There’s a lot to love in the Triangle– Wonderful people, beautiful cities, great local businesses, and absolutely gorgeous natural areas. I haven’t always lived here, but I couldn’t think of a better place to have built my life and call home. I’m glad to live in such a wonderful area where I am consistently reminded of why I love to live here. We still have problems and we need bold, progressive solutions going forward to ensure that we meet them head-on. Costs of living soar as taxes on the wealthy reach all-time lows, our rural residents face an opioid crisis manufactured by big pharmaceuticals, and we are approaching the point of no return to take action on climate change.

We face a daunting challenge, but with your help, we can ensure a progressive future where government policy focuses on the success of everyday American’s like you and me.